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Coaching With NLP with Wayne Farrell

Coaching With NLP with Wayne Farrell
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Coaching With NLP with Wayne Farrell
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With branches in the UK and South Africa, Coaching with NLP is a international training company who is committed to helping our students and clients achieve your full potential. The courses we deliver include, NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, Coaching and Speed Reading for individuals and businesses.

Coaching With NLP delivers training at various venues in South Africa, the UK and other parts of the world. Courses can also be held in house to fit around your schedule.

We also work with private clients to achieve the change you want and deserve. Whether you want to get rid of phobias, stop smoking, lose weight or any of a myriad of presenting problems. Utilizing the exact same skills that we train our students in. Some of the interventions we offer are listed on our services page, but is by no means exhaustive.

Let me explain NLP in an everyday example:

Imagine getting a new IPhone and you have never seen one in your life before. Cell phones can nowadays do all sorts of wonderful things that most people don’t ever use, because they don’t understand the instructions or maybe did not even bother to read them. You can get by on a phone if all you going to is send text messages and make phone calls.

Let’s say it was a new IPad and again you have never used an Apple device. You may just connect to the internet and read email, or play games. Fine if that was all you wanted to do, but it would be such a waste when these devices have so much more going for them. They can be fabulous tools for both your business and everyday life. NLP is like our user manual that would explain how to use all the features and understand what these devices are capable of.

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  • Coaching With NLP with Wayne Farrell
  • Coaching With NLP with Wayne Farrell
  • Coaching With NLP with Wayne Farrell

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