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Transform Your Life with Allison Scott

Transform Your Life with Allison Scott
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Transform Your Life with Allison Scott
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How may I be of service to you?

Motivation / Mentorship (Personal & Corporate)
Major traumatic events & experiences
Dealing with loss (eg. Death or divorce)
Depression / Teenage depression
Relationship issues
Health issues: mild to severe
Mental, emotional & physical issues
Clearing sabotaging subconscious patterns & beliefs
Panic attacks / Anxiety issues
Fears / phobias
Business / Work related issues
Financial / money issues
Performance anxiety
Exam stress
Peer pressure
Low self-esteem
Concentration / Focus / ADD & ADHD

For life-changing transformation in all areas of your life through workshops, consultations and Group Healing Evenings, as experienced by many around the world.

I had always been fascinated with reincarnation and Life After Death, believing that this was true, as things in life then made more sense. However my faith and beliefs were put to the test when my first husband died in Dec 1987 – so how much did I REALLY believe all this stuff!? After going to see a psychic medium (another amazing story- since seeing I am the worlds biggest sceptic!) many things were put into perspective. She told me what signs to look out for when he was trying to contact me or let me know that he was around. Well, then it was miracle after miracle – friends kept on saying, “you need to write this all down”, but I felt that when I need to relate a story to someone, all the information is there immediately. Needless to say, what I had first believed in my head became an unshakable truth in my body. Since then I have often come across people who have lost someone and not known how to deal with the loss, and I have been able to help them see things differently because of my experience.

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021 557 4554
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082 4555 297
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South Africa
Western Cape

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