Anthea has been running workshops on the Ascended Master Teachings since early 2010, locally in South Africa and internationally.

Her life is now devoted entirely to assisting the Great Ascended Master Saint Germain, Whose ultimate responsibility it is to bring the Earth into her Glorious Freedom, and restore Her original pristine beauty and Perfection, over the next 2000 years, and all the Hosts of Heaven helping with this colossal task. And to sharing the knowledge given to humanity once again, during the last century through accredited Messengers, of the individualized “I AM” Presence of God, in each of us, and the ‘Laws of Life’ (that never change), and the breaking of which, is the cause of all the destruction and devastation written on the face of our planet and its people.

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Anthea is a Body and Mind member, South Africa’s online health and well being directory of healers, therapists and spiritual teachers.

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