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For thousands of years, shamans have walked across hot coals to honour the element of fire and to bring healing to their communities. In modern times, it is crucial that we actively reclaim our own innate power to heal ourselves and direct our destiny, to move from acting from fear into a place where each action is based out of love and joy.

Rituals mark times of change and transformation.

Witnessing or participating in a fire walking ritual offers a chance to break limiting belief systems.
These are the tools required to make the shifts you want in your life. Whether you choose to walk or not at the end of the fire-walking seminar, you will be changed for good. There are just a few times in our lives when we are offered a square centimetre of chance, a gift to completely transform our lives. The fire walk is such an opportunity.

What aspects of your life need to be energised right now?

Cobus Visser is a Body and Mind member, visit his page for more information.