Spiritual Chat on: Death and the Loss of A loved One.

This book brought me to tears several times. It has a very powerful message. Allison’s words have touched my heart in so many ways. She explains her understanding of death and loss which can help people move on with their lives after an experience of loss. One of the stories in particular had a personal connection with me:  Allison tells the reader about a friend who passed away in a car accident on Fields Hill. That friend was also a friend of mine. When I read the story, all the feelings of her death came back to me. She was such an amazing women and I had seen her two days before the accident!  Allison’s words were powerful and it bought closure and comfort to me. I have experienced first-hand, through Allison’s book of stories, how she has helped so many people from all around the world deal with grief.  This story is a message of “ALL IS TRULY WELL with their loved ones and that all was, and is, exactly as it is supposed to be.” I highly recommend this book to anyone who has experienced loss.
Thank you, Allison!

Traci French, Body and Mind

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