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As an avid exercise enthusiast and sportsperson, I began my journey studying HMS(Human Movement Studies) and Psychology at Rhodes University, finishing with an Honours Degree in Sport Science at UDW in Durban. I have been involved in Education, lecturing and teaching since 1991. After lecturing Anatomy and Physiology and Exercise Physiology at DUT in KZN for over 6 years, I traveled to the UK where I taught Sport Psychology and Acquisition of Skill to A Level Students for 3 years, finishing off with a years teaching experience in Japan.

Core Brain Development is based on a passion for helping those in need in a natural, non-toxic, non-invasive way without the use of Medication. It is an exercise based approach to alleviating the symptoms of Learning Difficulties. With specific targeted stimulation of the Cerebellum or Skill Learning centre of the brain, the Neural pathways in the brain are developed allowing the Cerebellum to perform at its maximum capacity. These exercise sessions are quick 5-10 minute sessions, done twice daily to allow for regular stimulation while avoiding boredom or poor concentration from longer sessions, hampering progress.

Dioné Johnson is a Body and Mind member, visit her page for more information.
Dioné Johnson