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NIA Dancing with Lorraine Relleen
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NIA Dancing
Weekdays: Kloof Hall, Village Road, Kloof

Every Monday: 5.30pm – 6.30pm
*No Nia class on Public Holidays*

4 classes @ R220 per month – R220 per month / R55.00 per class
Walk in Single Classes – R65.00 per class

Pensioners/Students: 4 classes – R160 per month / R40.00 per class

Pensioners/Students: Walk in Single Classes – R50.00 per class

The Nia Technique ® is a cardiovascular blend of dance arts, martial arts & the healing arts. It creatively integrates these movements, concepts, and philosophies by embracing the gifts of the healing arts, the power and mindfulness of the martial arts, the grace and fluidity of the dance techniques, and the awareness and alignment through integrative body therapies. Movement becomes self-empowering, fostering personal growth and well being.

Nia is an acronym for Neuromuscular Integrative Action.

Neuromuscular ~ going straight from the nerves to the muscles, bypassing the ‘thinking’ brain. Movement is copied and absorbed into the body, not through mental thought processes.
Integrative ~ systemic, whole body movement integrating music, movement and sensation.
Action ~ the power of now, continual movement in the moment.

In Swahili, Nia means “with purpose” which is exactly how Nia teaches people to move.

Nia creates health, fitness and overall well being, through its integration of body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Nia will pump your heart, lubricate your joints, release your tension, enhance your balance, and tone your muscles. It will allow your body to grow through self-expression, relax into comfort and strength, listen and trust itself, revitalise and uplift your spirit and emotions.

Nia is an expressive body-mind movement and lifestyle practice, which embraces both fitness and health.

Nia offers both traditional and non-traditional benefits and delivers cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, strength, balance, endurance and relaxation. It engages the spirit and touches people’s hearts, giving them permission to play and more intimately connect to self and others – qualities rarely addressed in traditional fitness programs. Nia encourages inner exploration and self-discovery and guides students to move through their own unique and infinitely creative space.

Nia is guided by the Pleasure Principle – if the body feels good, accepted, and loved, it will naturally become stronger and heal.

Nia works, because it is the ‘bodys way’ – awakening sensation and feeling throughout the body.

Nia is safe enough to be done with bare feet. The map for practise is developmental and allows the time and space for the movement practise to guide the student – embodying an accepting, flexible structure that is personal and community orientated.

Nia encourages the student to modify the movement, speed, and range of motion so that the practise of Nia, feels right for them. It becomes a personalised experience that is achievable for all. People from all walks of life, all nationalities, all ages and varying fitness levels practise Nia.

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