Awakening Spirit

Tsholofelo is a certified Master Shamanic Reiki practitioner and Energy healer. She has received numerous shamanic initiations and training in Soul retrieval and Andean Mysticism. She also facilitates Munay Ki, Nusta Kurpay and the 13th Rite of the Womb workshops in a group setting or on a 1 on 1 basis. As a traditional healer and herbalist, she has established Awakening Spirit Remedies to support and raise the awareness of how a healthy physical body will become a powerful vessel through which we will embody and express our power and reach our greater potential. It is through nurturing, loving and healing the body that we allow this embodiment to take place. Awakening Spirit Remedies comes from ancient traditional medicines that not only support healing, but also enhance one’s general health and well being.

Services Offered:

• Spiritual counseling, coaching and healing
• Etheric Body Healing
• Traditional Herbalist
• Ancestral and Inter-generational Healing
• Soul Retrieval
• Shamanic Reiki and Energy Healing
• Munay Ki Shamanic Initiation
• Nusta Kurpay
• 13th Rite: Womb Empowerment and healing
• Chakra Illumination
• Psychic Surgery
• Numerology
• Meditation

Healing Products

Natural Healing Teas, tinctures and herbal remedies. Natural body scrubs, bath salts, creams, oils and ointments. Aural Sprays and Smudge sticks.

Tsholo is a Body and Mind member visit her page for more information:

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