Pure Rejuvenation – Wendy Wotherspoon (Glenwood Durban)

When I was invited to experience a massage by Wendy Wotherspoon I couldn’t help reflecting on her slogan “Not Just Massage” and I have to agree it rings true to everything she stands for.

I had the most incredible massage, and although Wendy sticks to her appointments on time, there was no rush as she allocates ampule time to truly take care of each person with sincere compassion. To me it seemed like she was guided by some invisible force as she knew exactly where my problem areas were; hence she worked more intensely on that area which was such great relief! She has an amazing gift, no doubt following her own intuitive guidance as to what is needed, where, and how much.

We chatted the whole way through the treatment, and I have to emphasise, her incredible broad-spectrum knowledge on her subject matter is phenomenal. Wendy told me she also enjoys teaching massage and other modalities as her view on healing is that ‘to share is to care’ which in itself speak volumes. She is totally approachable, so not once did I feel like a ‘subject’ with a stranger massaging me. She connected to my vibe and the energy simply flowed from her accordingly, I felt so comfortable it was amazing.

The treatment I had with Wendy was a combination of Sports Massage, Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian), Lymph Drainage (Detox), and doing pressure points working with the Meridians using Aromatherapy oils.

Even though I did not experience her Reflexology treatment, Reflexology is clearly one of her great passions and in her words “If you are too shy to have a massage, then reflex is a great alternative stress reliever which is also beneficial for many deep seated issues and through a step-by-step program each session will get you closer to your health goal”

Reflex is beneficial for what seems to be an infinite list of ailments from sinus, inflammation, digestive issues, even skin problems, as it is all reflected in our hands and feet!

Wendy is warm, bubbly and extremely accommodating. She also formulates personal treatments by combining a few favourites to suit your personal needs. I have to conclude with her Facebook post which describes her best…”If you are pregnant I can come to you, if two people book I will also come to you, and throw in a 20 min freebie for your child under 2 yrs.” – Now I ask you, what more do you want? You go Wendy!

Contact Wendy: http://www.bodyandmind.co.za/WendyWotherspoon

Body and Mind Copy Writer
Chanel Lingenfelder
Contact: 083 787 2893
Email: chanellingenfelder@telkomsa.net

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