Osho Rebalancing Massage:

Spikkels du Plooy does an amazing massage called the Osho Rebalancing technique. I am not a fan of massage – especially firm massages because they are just too painful for me – but Spikkles is awesome! After a treatment with him, you will walk away on cloud 9, feeling relaxed and loose. Our bodies tend to stiffen up as we get older and place more stress on it. I’m a yoga instructor and practice the postures every single day, but I still have tension! The rebalancing technique incorporates some Heller Work, Tragering Physiotherapy and massage.

Rebalancing views the human body as much more than a physical component; recognising that the emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects are of as much importance to our totality. This combination has proven to be very effective. In the hour and a half during the treatment, Spikkles made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed. Even using his elbows did not cause pain because the slow, intentional movements are designed to relieve the tension as much as possible. I had no expectation at all when I arrived at the session, but I walked away amazed. Spikkels and really friendly, and truly pays attention to how the body responds to the treatment, and continuously adjusts to make sure you are comfortable so that you do not experience any pain. This treatment was worth the drive! I recommend that you contact Spikkels today and make an appointment. Experience this Rebalancing massage, and I can guarantee that you will walk away feeling great!

Contact Spikkels for more info: 082 857 8330 or spiksdaniel@yahoo.co.uk