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The Wish of a Dying Tree
by Lisa Murry, November 8, 2019

Nothing is an accident!
A few weeks ago the cosmos landed me somewhat unexpectedly in Paris. I stayed with a friend and in the course of the visit, I did some energy work with the golden retriever in her care, inviting the dog to love little dogs instead of running away scared. It worked wonderfully and my friend is hugely grateful!
Today she sent me a story about a 200-year-old apple tree in the UK that is dying of a fungal disease, asking me, “Can you help?”
My fellow earth mystic, Eliza Atsma, has supersonic powers with plant healing, so I sent the request on to her in the Netherlands.
I was not at all prepared for what came next.
A few hours later Eliza sent me a detailed page of notes, directly from her communication with the tree. I had no idea you could cry so much about a tree.
Clearly, this isn’t just any old tree.
Known as the Bramley Tree, she asked that I add my energetic awareness to this message before sharing it with the wider world.
This is a collaborative conversation.
Starting with the tree’s energy, Eliza’s notes and my awareness . . . if you are willing, it will also include YOU as we go forward.
As soon as I connect with her, she is all over me. Her energy is soothing, vibrant, powerful and eager. Yes, her physical body is dying, and that’s okay. All life has a cycle, hers is coming to the end.
She is clear about her cause of death: a lack of flow. The fungus is merely a symptom. She lacks the flow of connection, wisdom, communion, and most of all she lacks being received. There are not many ancient trees left around the world to commune with.
Together the ancient mother trees connect Earth’s dragon lines (leylines), creating a communication grid of magnetic fields.
Trees are here for much more than oxygen.
They keep the worldwide web of roots flowing. The trees are wisdom keepers and they flow their wisdom forward to the next generations.
As the number of trees is lessening, there is more wisdom and energy available than the young trees can handle or store, making their ‘job’ on planet earth almost impossible.
The Bramley Tree has more energy than places she can share it
and so she aches.
For a few seconds, she gives me her full potency. It hurts my body. She knows, and turns her energy down to match what my body can handle.
Therein lies the real problem.
Turning down her energy blocks her flow, like a traffic jam. When the earth was covered in big old trees, energetic paths were plentiful and wisdom flowed with ease. — Eliza
Last weekend I met a very big tree in Australia’s Bunya Mountains.
Through Eliza, the Bramley Tree asked me to connect her with that tree as she needed a physical “bridge” to make the connection.
With so few Mother Trees left, they cannot reach each other via their roots anymore. Yes — trees have families and connections just like we do.
Be with that for a moment . . . let it sink in.
For me it explains why I get so distressed when I see big trees being torn down, sometimes thousands at a time. It’s not just that tree. It’s the wisdom that is lost, the planetary connections no longer possible, and the tree keepers that are now homeless. The unseen impact is far greater than we have acknowledged.
There is a new cosmic grid being formed and, if you’re still reading, chances are you are part of its creation. This new grid will do some of the work of the Mother Trees. Nature is infinitely adaptable!
The wish of this dying Mother Tree is that we will assist all trees to become connected to the new grid by letting them know it exists.
We are amazing connection points and, since our bodies can move around the globe, our willingness to travel is essential to establishing the connection of the grids.

Side note — for the past 18 months especially I have been acutely aware of my role in connecting trees and forests to each other energetically — plan on Developing Cognitive Agility with our Plant and Tree Allies in 2020, www.PlantPioneers.org are a small part of my works.

What can WE do?
The Bramley Tree made a formal request of Eliza to formally request that I would pass this information on to anyone (and everyone) who can receive this information.
You may think I’m crazy. Or you may be ready to commune with trees in a totally new way. I gently ask you to let your WildHeart take the lead.

Don’t think. BE.

  1. Connect with the trees around you. Let them know about the new cosmic grid that is here to assist them in their work. As soon as new trees become aware of it, the energy will sort itself so that no tree gets more information than they can handle individually
  2. Plant more trees. For the love of this planet, plant trees everywhere you can. It will help the underground wisdom network enormously. If you don’t have land, or you want to amplify your impact, donate to TreeSisters — they are reforesting the world.
  3. Gently touch the trees that you come into connection with. They desire to gift you energy and wisdom so that you can increase your communion with the planet.
  4. Every time you meet a big old tree, ask it if there is anything you can do for it… you may be wildly surprised!
  5. Befriend the tree keepers — they are elemental beings who no longer have a tree to ‘keep’. Engage with them energetically.
  6. What else do YOU know? What capacities do you have? Commune with the trees and ask them to show you…

    This is a conversation for all the earth mystics in the world.
    Please share this post with anyone with whom it may resonate — only in its entirety and with full attribution please — context is everything!

“We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.”
Anais Nin

“When you’re in a dark place, you may sometimes tend to think you’ve been buried.
Perhaps you’ve been planted. Bloom.” – Gregg Braden

“Biology is the feedback mechanism for the universe to learn more about itself.” Nassim Haramein

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