Innate Healing

My name is Tia Wiblin and I am the face and heart behind Innate Healing and our handcrafted range of natural, powerful and easy to use healing and support products for the energy conscious –

What is Innate Healing?
Innate healing is the process of tapping into our divine essence within; it’s connecting with that most natural, deepest part of us to bring profound insight into our lives. This is a practical way to actualise our fullest potential; And, brilliantly, it’s for everyone- regardless of your background, faith or phase of life.
What are the Auric Sprays, Soaks and Kits?
What if I’m pregnant or have small children?
Hand Sanitizers
Tia Wiblin – is a Body and Mind member, visit her page for more information.

Nirvana, Our Interviewer