Getting Real with Paula Connor

Paula Connor
(ElevateMe Hub)
Intuitive Consciousness Coach, HeartMath Certified Trainer and Coach,

Nirvana and Paula
Chatting about: Self Awareness, Dealing with triggers, wounds and Trauma, Polarise thoughts HeartMath. What is going on in the world?
#Plandemic, #Scamdemic #AllLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter, #BLM Feeding lower energy Cosmic and natural laws AND
What are our responsibilities?

Every Voice Is Different.
And Everyone’s Voice Is Needed
This is My Voice!
How far can we go, are you prepared to journey deeper with me?
Share your vulnerabilities, beliefs and fears
By connecting we discover the best from / of each other.
Inspire – Challenge – Transform – CONNECTING AND Learning Together.
I Ask the questions… That you are you thinking, but not Asking?
This is Authentically Me.
I am Nirvana Lange
And my guest today is…
Paula Connor (ElevateMe Hub)

GODDESS Round Table:
Authentically Me:

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Thank you for watching and for Sharing
Peace Love Prosperity
Do No Harm, Cause No Loss AND
Do Not Impede the Freedom of Another

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YouTube / Insta: @authenticallymenirvana

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