Be You Global Health & Wellness Centre

Invest in yourself, your relationships, and your future by getting the help you need today through natural healing.
After spending 20 years climbing the Corporate ladder, working in the Chemical Industry as well as being part a large blended family, I realized how stress can severely affect our functioning and cause various ailments. This I discovered after a debilitating shoulder pain had me visiting various healthcare specialists including Physiotherapists and Chiropractors. I was at my wits end and a friend suggested I try BodyTalk, I had nothing to lose. I scheduled a session and went, not knowing what to expect. I never thought I would walk out of the session with an instant 50% pain reduction. Each day the pain seemed to lessen, until one week later, I was completely pain free!!
Individualized treatment plans available. Packages include BodyTalk and Fascia Release sessions as well as consultations on various Natural Health care supplements available..
Stockist of a wide range of natural health products, including CBD oil, medicinal mushrooms and essential oils.

Vanessa Crawford-Murphy – is a Body and Mind member, visit her page for more information.

Nirvana, Our Interviewer
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