by Traci French and Roxann James a combined review.
Copy Writer & Editor Chanel Lingenfelder

We attended a local workshop hosted by renowned ‘Angel Lady’ Margi McAlpine at her favorite Durban venue, the Royal Natal Yacht Club, a stunning venue with equally stunning views! Apart from it being a perfect day, it as a perfect opportunity to delve deeper into one’s psyche. Margi is also popular for her regular posts of inspiration amongst several platforms on social media Margi had a relaxed manner; so before the workshop commenced she chatted leisurely with everyone, which made all of us feel welcome and at ease.
Fittingly, the proceedings of the day commenced (and concluded) with grounding and protection exercises.

The first section was about transcending fear. It was amazing to be made aware of the fact that many of us tend to think we don’t succumb to fear issues, yet given a challenge, the outcome reveals a different story, which just goes to show just how deep-seated issues can be, so much so, that on the surface we beat a different drum to what our inner violin is trying to remind us of!

Margi shared on how to replace these challenges by embracing love. We started off doing an analysis of self-love. We then did specific exercises that revealed the rest of our love ‘blockages’ according to each one’s personal experiences. This remained a private process for each attendee as it was very personal.
We were reminded how important change is, and instead of fearing change to embrace the gifts that it brings. Margi took us through a process of connecting with our angelic helpers to aid the process of letting go of fear which meant letting go of control, to forgive, allow self-acceptance, letting go of anger, letting go of emotional control and finally to let go of disappointments.

During the next section of the workshop Margi discussed the role that the Solar Plexus Chakra plays in all this, especially fear and anger issues, and how these two powerful demotions strip us of our power. We were shown exercises on how to reverse this process, and as we could take our in-house manuals home, she encouraged us to continue doing this in our private space for greater impact. This included a worksheet along with extra information of working with angels, perception VS reality, how to awaken our consciousness along with visualisation exercises to upshift our frequency.

At the end of the day, our choices are our responsibility, yet not a life sentence, so if we feel that we had somehow ‘failed’ then to simply choose again responsibly.

Remember, as Jesus so fondly said “Love is letting go of fear”

All and all it was a lovely day filled with inspiration which left us all a whole lot more positive and excited than when we arrived, and we’ll definitely do it again!

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