Dolphin Encountours Research Center Mozambique – The Original Operator

Your Dolphin Encountour Guide: Angie Gullan

South African Angie Gullan developed Africa’s first structured wild dolphin swim program in 1996 after a two year pilot study in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique. Under the supervision of Dr Vic Cockroft (The Centre of Dolphin Studies SA), Dr Almeida Guissamulo (The Natural History Museum of University Eduardo Mondlane) & Dr Vic Peddemors (Natal Sharks Board) a set of standard operating procedures were developed that included the implementation of a dolphincare code of conduct with data collection. Angie has worked closely with various governmental institutions in Mozambique to shed light on the importance of ethical marine mammal tourism and the implications of such activities in the area.

FOUR NIGHT DOLPHIN ENCOUNTOUR  Our signature tour has been specially created to accommodate the myriad of different wild dolphin behaviours that can be encountered, some of which do not allow for in-water experiences. The aim is to do 3 consecutive sunrise launches, alternatively if weather is not on our side we double up on a day. Encountours include pre-launch saftely and introduction to our local dolphins.

  • DolphinCares Code of Conduct
  • Pre-launch boat & ocean safety 
  • Introduction to our dolphins, research & conservation
  • Dolphin Diary & images from your tour  [online]
  • A visit to our beautiful reefs
  • Whale viewing (in season)
  • Dolphin Tribe Tee-Shirt
  • Governmental snorkel tax
  • Snorkel / refresher course if required.
  • Four nights dinner bed and breakfast at Lar do Ouro
  • Transfers to and from Lar to launchsite for dolphin tours.

Angie Gullan is a Body and Mind member, visit her page for more information.

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