Sue Maitland’s practise Soul Connection has been operational since 2017. She left the corporate life to follow her passion in the healing industry which she has been accessing and been using with many different modalities to keep her sane in the crazy world of Corporate and hectic pace of big city living. At last she has found her niche! – A Holistic Healing practice.

Sue Maitland specializes in Access Bars therapy, along with other modalities that sustain us in our hectic fast paced daily lives. Using indigestible essential oils by dōTERRA, mind control techniques, muscle testing, spiritual coaching and many Access Consciousness tools.

Access Bars is a powerful and profound Holistic Healing modality that allows significant growth in a relatively short space of time. Come and discover just how powerful!

The ethos of Soul Connection is to provide a gateway for people who have done little spiritual or healing work before and are looking for holistic natural healing alternatives to change their life styles, attitudes to life and health in a time and space where people are stretched to their limits..

Sue Maitland is a Body and Mind member, visit her page for more information.

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