by Traci French
Copy Writer & Editor Chanel Lingenfelder

Dawn invited me to do a Chirology session with her, and being my first I didn’t know what to expect. Unlike palmistry, Chirology does not reveal futuristic prophesies, but rather as our hands and feet are our personal DNA and life blueprint, our essence is imprinted on everything we touch. Truth is the Chirology of our hands provide clear insight into our physiology and psyche.

Dawns practices from Breathing Space in Glenwood where she has a stunning practice room. I felt comfortable from the start as she created a relaxed atmosphere with gentle background music, candles and aroma essences.

The lines on our hands develop from around the 4th / 5th week of pregnancy, and from then on our brain records our history on hands. Some markings remain permanent, whereas other lines continue to change with time until our departure from this world. The shape of the hand and nails also play an important part in the analysis just as our fingerprints are a unique reflection of our identity. Chirology is also widely used as an informative personality analysis for children that are unable to express feelings and emotions, also revealing learning difficulties, inherent talents for the Arts, a natural affinity for working with nature and/or animals and so forth, whereas apart from revealing psychological traits, it can be used to provide valuable information on career guidance, or insight when it comes to decision making. It also discloses our greatest potential, all of which is done by tapping into our connection with the elements.

Dawn discussed my personality strong points and challenges clarifying areas that need attention including some current and possible future health issues, life choices, and insight into the image I reflect out to others and their perception thereof. Our thoughts, feelings, emotions and expression are mapped on our hands which reflect the totality of our being.

My hands are ‘fire’ shaped with short fingers; revealing that my personality is energetic, I am an excellent entrepreneur, and being a ‘go getter’ I am very good at starting projects although I can be impatient. My nail shape is ‘air’ which discloses my temperament as rational, methodical and structured yet I can come across as aloof and uninterested at times, perhaps even insensitive towards other’s perception of common logic.

My fingerprint pattern along with the arches on my fingers are perfectly balanced which describes me as well-composed, yet intolerant towards the tactless. I am an action orientated person and although totally open-minded I tend to challenge and question certain situations. I have pronounced finger arches (only 2% of the population has this on their index, and 0.7% on their middle finger) which adds to my unusual fingerprints

My ring finger reveals that I am affectionate, caring and good at communicating. It also indicates that I am open to giving and receiving love, and insistent on spending quality time with those I love.

My baby finger reveals that I have perfected the art of persuasion hence good with sales! My thumbs exposed flexibility and mental determination. My permanent gift markings unveiled my close affinity with animals.

The consultation was over an hour long and so detailed Dawn could’ve carried on for another hour if we didn’t have respective appointments! I was totally blown away by the amount of information shared; it wouldn’t have taken much to convince me to stay all day! Do give it a try, you will not be disappointed!

Contact Dawn:
083 792 5735