Written by: Angela Red River – 2011 – 2021
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Is This Possible in this day and age of Medicalized Childbirth Management?

Some questions to stimulate the imagination:

What will it take for humans to wake up to the fact that they are the vehicles through which Souls incarnate into this 3-Dimensional realm called Earth?

What is the present way of childbirth, where women do not even realize that they are disempowered in the realm of childbirth, saying about the medical profession, especially obstetric practitioners and medically trained midwives?

How does this Medical model of childbirth impact the pregnant woman and her gestating baby, the new mother and her newborn baby, her partner, their family, their community, and the global family?

Are there women and their partners who understand at some level that the way women are “forced/coerced”, through emotional blackmail and brainwashing, (all done in the name of creating safer childbirth for mothers and their babies):
to be delivered of their babies lying on the back,
pushing uphill against gravity,
through a narrower birth canal,
while their care providers – doctor or midwives – shout hysterically for these women to push their babies out so hard (and unnecessarily) that

their internal soft tissue is damaged for life,
along with the fact that their babies suffer some degree of brain damage from the pressure to their heads,
as well as from the impact of receiving 20-50% too little of their own blood, because these medical, so-called caring professionals deem it necessary to cut the umbilical cord unphysiologically immediately after all babies are pulled from their mothers’ bodies?

And all this is done without the informed consent of the parents! This is no longer appropriate!

How could Conscious Conception impact the pregnant woman and her gestating baby, the new mother and her newborn baby, her partner, their family, their community, and the global family?

What could the possible positive “side effects” be of conscious preparation of both parents for the Conception of bubble of biology that will host an incarnating soul?

How would Conscious Conception impact sperm banks?!

Is anyone else wondering whether the present model of medicalized, managed childbirth has anything to do with the huge rise in the rates of violent criminality, destructive behaviour, suicide, sexual abuse, learning disabilities from undiagnosed birth brain trauma and brain damage, autism, dyslexia, etc across our so-called civilized cultures? Well, you do not have to wonder anymore; because there is now plenty of medically researched evidence to confirm that this questioning statement is, in fact, true.

I could go into a whole explanation of these, but for the moment I will just mention a few very important issues that need to be raised concerning this medical involvement in childbirth:

The Degeneration of Childbirth because a primarily Oxytocin/Love Hormone-driven Process has been turned into an Adrenalin/Fear-based one: by looking at pregnancy and childbirth as a medical problem, women have been disempowered into believing that they are powerless to bring their own babies into this world, instead of the medical profession supporting women to feel empowered through the process of childbirth – from conception to the birth and beyond;

The Impact of the Labour and Birth Positions that women are coerced into assuming, for the comfort of their so-called care providers, amongst many other reasons – the supine, semi-sitting and lithotomy positions, i.e. lying flat, or very close to being flat, on their backs, with or without their legs up in stirrups – otherwise called The Stranded Beetle Position;

Uninformed consent for the Immediate Clamping and Cutting of the Umbilical Cord, where each baby may be deprived of between 20 and 50 per cent of the circulating blood volume at a time when it is vitally necessary to assist the transition from fetal life to newborn life, when the baby is detached from its placenta!

These are but a few of the interferences and interventions that take place on a regular birth-by-birth basis in hospitals in so-called civilized cultures across the globe. The above statements have all been well researched and acquired through direct experience (birth of my own children physiologically), as well as through the observation of women who have understood that their bodies will guide them to do what is necessary to create a gentle, beautiful, calm, loving and peaceful landing of their babies on planet Earth.

Not by any stretch of the imagination can it be said the medical profession, as a care providing institution, has vaguely contemplated that there is anything more to childbirth than the physical part of growing (gestating) a baby in the mother’s body, and then the delivering of said baby from its mother’s body.

Now that we are aware of the impact of our disempowerment as birthing mothers and fathers, and its effect on our own families, as well as the global family, how about we look at this whole process of childbirth from another angle altogether?

How different could our existence be, were each couple to take absolute responsibility for the process of assisting Souls to incarnate onto Mother Earth?

Conscious Preparation Guidelines

In order to create Love instead of Fear in our children, both parents may find it appropriate to take the opportunity to take responsibility for the attitudes, behaviour patterns and belief systems imprinted on the beings they assist onto the planet. It makes a huge amount of sense that the attitudes, behaviour patterns, emotions, belief systems, etc that the gestating Soul is exposed to directly from its mother and father, and indirectly from those people the mother encounters during the time from conception and maybe earlier, will become imprinted in the psyche as well as on a cellular and genetic (the mother’s and father’s unresolved fears and emotions) levels of this growing HU-man being (HU = God).

It would be appropriate for both parents to prepare themselves in a wholistic way – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – by clearing out anything from these levels of self that may prevent the Soul from being able to attain its highest potential while visiting in this 3-dimensional reality/holgraml! There are many areas and issues within each parent that can be worked on and through without spending a cent, and there are other areas and issues that may require some financial investment:

It would be appropriate to begin this preparation at least 6-9 months before planned conscious conception.
It may also be appropriate to work with the possible blueprint of the incoming Soul to find the most appropriate time for the conception to take place in order to optimally enhance the potentials of the incarnating Soul.
Daily Meditation and Conscious Breathing up to and beyond conception;
If you are conscious of a Soul in your energetic field, greet it with Joy, and maintain contact with it throughout your pregnancy in order for the soul to feel welcomed. Also include your partner.

Talk to your Baby during its growing time after conception until its birth;

Detoxify both your bodies physically before Conception;

Grow and eat organic food as far as possible;

Empower yourselves by building a bank of knowledge for yourselves, about good nutrition, natural/physiological childbirth process, birth-supporting exercises, future parenting – the new way, and what you can do to support your own childbirth process, which will become your guiding light.

A clear understanding of the Spiritual-Physiological Process of Childbirth serves as your foundation for being easily able to step out of the neocortical intellectual brain, and into the primal instinctive hypothalamic brain during the conception, pregnancy, labour, birth and breastfeeding;

Relax and Pamper yourselves before and after conception – swimming, yoga, massage, walking in Nature;

Spend time with like-minded people to keep your spirits and vibration high;

Learn to Love all parts of your Bodies, and most importantly your Blood, your Vagina, your Big Belly, and the “pain” of labour and birth;

Get a clear picture about what your own birth was like – speak about this with your mother if she is still alive – or work with a rebirthing therapist;

Begin taking notice of feelings and emotions that surface on a day-to-day basis and engage with them – make friends with them, but, whatever you do, DO NOT SUPPRESS THEM. The time before conception and during your pregnancy will be quite a volatile time for both parents, so it is vital that both parents are gentle with themselves and with each other, because this embracing of your emotions and feelings will undoubtedly have a hugely positive impact on your baby and the incarnating Soul – I cannot stress this enough – withheld emotions will, without a doubt, result in your baby’s body being withheld by your body;

Keep the emotional environment of the mother-to-be as undisturbed as possible around the time of planned conscious conception, during the pregnancy, birth and while the mother is breastfeeding:

Keep negative, painful and disturbing news to an absolute minimum;

Maintain an environment of joy, harmony, love, peace, etc prior to conception, and on into the pregnancy and beyond;

Create beautiful surroundings;

Learn how to create a Protective Shield around your Energy Field, which is to be maintained from pre-conception till well after your baby is born;

Create New Images of Ecstatic and Beautiful Childbirth;

Watch Youtube videos on water, orgasmic and home births

Begin to Re-Connect with the beauty, gentleness, calmness, quietness, lovingness, harmonious, ecstatic/orgasmic nature, etc of the true process of childbirth;

Connect with Nature and the Stars;

Create your own circle of support who will feed you positively during the pregnancy, birth and beyond;

Inspirational Music, Singing, Chanting and Dancing for maintaining a joyous positive outlook on your birth experience for you and your baby, during the pregnancy and the birth, and there is nothing wrong with keeping this up once baby is born. Your baby will appreciate it. and much more!

Begin or continue your own journey to consciously understanding and awakening to Who You Really Are – for by preparing, on all levels, for the conception of your Baby and its Birth, you are, in fact, also preparing for your own Soul’s Full Awakening and Birth.

Conscious physiological SOUL BIRTH

It goes without saying that Conscious Physiological Soul Birth follows on from Conscious Pre-Conception!

Who amongst you believes that you have what it takes and/or know how to bring your own babies into the world? ………………

For that matter, ‘why would you want to?’ might be the question asked by those who think they require a ‘qualified’ health professional to deliver their baby. (Only you know why you would want to have an ignorant arrogant intellectual medical doctor bring your child into the world and not an Authentic Midwife!)

Again, who of you thinks that you need a ‘qualified’ health professional to delivery your babies from your body?……………….

There will definitely be a small percentage of women amongst you whose bodies and babies do choose to take a less physiological /more complicated route. And this should be the prime reason any woman finds herself under the care of an obstetrician during her pregnancy or labour and birth. Dr Michel Odent, one of the greatest exponents of physiological childbirth, works with a value of less than 10% of women needing medical intervention, and the Mehl Study reckons only 5% require medical management.

Authentic Midwives, who fully understand the true physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual nature of the childbirth process, are the ideal candidates to fill the position of supporter, facilitator and guide to any woman who believes that she is quite capable of landing her own baby on this beautiful planet of ours.

My overall vision and intention for women and their families is to re-invent and re-define Childbirth into the Sacred beautiful, calm, loving, joyful, harmonious, peaceful process it was created by God/Goddess to be.

My primary focus is to support and assist parents to prepare on all levels for hosting a soul, assisting it to incarnate into 3-dimensionality in order to fulfil its pre-birth script within the body of our children;

My further intentions are: to bring a deeper understanding of the how’s and why’s of physiological birth to those who understand they know how to bring their own babies into the world in an un-interfered with/undisturbed way; to show, inspire and empower those of you who think you can’t, to understand what awesome bodies you have been Gifted with by God for the very purpose of birthing your baby onto the planet in Love, where the birth process is not disturbed in any way; with this information, to show women, their partners, their mothers and mothers-in-law, their obstetricians and their midwives that there is another side to the picture of the physiological process of childbirth that most consciously awakened women, their partners, mothers and mothers-in-law, obstetricians and midwives who have experienced this process innately hold true.

Women have been kept in the dark for far too long through the ignorance and arrogance of the system that trains doctors and midwives, i.e. since before the end of the ‘dark ages’.

Women have kept themselves in the dark by not listening or being able to hear the messages that come from deep within their own bodies.

Now there are enough women who have listened to and trusted their own bodies, as well as a growing number of midwives and doctors who have allowed themselves to trust that the women they assist in childbirth do, in fact, know – with an inner knowing – how and what to do to birth their babies onto our awesome planet.

With all this positive energy that is growing, it is the time to inspire and empower each and every woman and her partner, her mother and mother-in-law, her doctor and her midwife to know that there is a great and powerful ‘force’ that moves through the body of every birthing woman, when she and her supporters trust that ‘force’ and allow that ’force’ to permeate the birth process – that each women innately knows how to birth her baby when she is supported to tune into her primal brain throughout the physiological process.

By ‘force’, I mean that power of Spirit/God/Universal energy – “the Force be with you” from the Star Wars films. The ‘force’ can be considered the ‘Creation Force’. At the moment of orgasm and the imminently impending energetic explosion as the sperm ecstatically permeates the ovum (female egg cell), this creation force gets to work, and facilitates our life processes – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

How much more powerful would this event be if we could consciously ‘invite’ more consciously aware or evolved Souls to use our newly awakened and embraced bodies to incarnate onto Planet Earth?

When we can balance out the equation of ‘who and why do I trust more’ within ourselves, the possibility of creating Unconditional Love on our planet grows exponentially.

Is this not a potential worth awakening to?

There may be those of you who are not yet ready to read/hear what follows, but for those of you who have the courage to read further (or to complete the workshops), there is a whole new world waiting out there when you take charge of your own lives and therefore the births of your babies! Your babies and their souls will be truly grateful!


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