Written by: Angela Red River – 2011 – 2021
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Firstly, if we are contemplating a Conscious approach to Childbirth for our children, it presupposes that we will already have begun a journey of awakening to the fact that we are far greater than what our cultures, and especially our religions, have lead us to believe we are. Also part of this predisposition is that we innately feel that childbirth is a process that involves far more than the medical and religious systems have lead us to believe. We may not know exactly what this way of childbirth truly involves, but we are willing to take the journey of re-awakening to that knowing!

My own journey of re-awakening to this knowing has taken me on a rollercoaster ride over the past, nearly, 30 (to 54) years. Even when I wasn’t consciously journeying, there was an inner drive – an inner consciousness – that spurred me onwards into each and every experience that would and has enhanced my ever-growing understanding of Who I Truly Am, including a greater Truth about Health, Healing and Childbirth as God/Goddess intended. This possibility is available to each and every one human on this planet!

The further and deeper I travelled on this journey of inner and outer growth, the more I am opened to the awesome nature of this Earthly experience and its part in the cosmic nature of All That Is. Even when I vaguely consider the possibility that I have gathered “all” the information needed to begin conveying the approach that God/Goddess, through Nature, intended for the procreation of all mammalian species across our beautiful planet, I get whacked sideways by the awesomeness of the synchronous guidance and direction to the next “piece” of information or next level of awareness and re-awakening. However much or often I consider my approach to childbirth to be as non-interventional or as “natur-al” as it can possibly get, I am shown something totally “new” (not yet re-membered by me), but always something so synchronous that if it had shown itself any sooner, would not have created anywhere the same impact that it does when it arrives at just the “right” moment!

I have been journeying more consciously since a re-awakening experience in January 1989, which began this pathway through synchronous events and moments, to where I find myself in this NOW moment writing these timely words.

If you are not conscious and aware of WHY it is important for you to be conscious of the way you approach the birth of your children onto this beautiful planet, then you obviously have not yet begun a journey of Re-Awakening to Who You Truly Are. If this is the case, then you have some options:

You can forget that you ever read these words and go back to the hypnotized snooze that humanity has been under for the last many millennia, and continue to give your power away to the medical men and their lackeys who “deliver” your babies from your body; or
Put your thoughts of beginning a family on hold for a while, as you reassess your life to find out what it is that humans are actually doing here on this planet;
So that you and your partner can begin your own journeys of Re-Awakening to fuller Consciousness – to Who You Truly Are – before conceiving a non-toxic child.

It would be a pointless waste of time having the information that would support you to consciously birth your babies, but did not have any reason or knowing as to why this needed to be a conscious process in the first place. There is no point assisting more souls to incarnate into “bubbles of biology” onto an already overpopulated planet if you didn’t have any idea why you are going through the motions of perpetuating the human species.

It is also truly okay to continue to live under this hypnotic mist, but know that it is your choice to give your power away to Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry, Religions, Government, etc, etc; that you are choosing to mis-place your trust outside of yourself, outside of your own body and energy field. BUT remember it is your choice and you can change your mind whenever you come to a point where that choice is no longer working for you.

If you are consciously on a journey of self-awakening or ready to begin one, then choosing conscious childbirth to definitely a no-brainer, because you understand that it is a privilege and an honour to encourage and support souls to use your prepared bodies through which to incarnate – rather than unconsciously perpetuating the general system of hypnotic, mesmerized, medically-managed (give-my-power-away) childbirth that pervades our planet at this time!

When a critical number of parents begin to consciously prepare to assist souls to incarnate through their bodies in little “bubbles of biology”, like the 100 monkey syndrome, Our Earth Mother and Humanity will begin to show signs of Renewal and Re-Awakening – Heaven will begin to manifest here on Earth.


This website is full of options that will assist parents and seekers to begin or continue your journeys of Re-Awakening to Who You Truly Are!

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