Written by: Angela Red River – 2011 – 2021
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Part of “Rethinking our Яethinking” has to begin with the way humans are “delivered” onto Mother Earth. This should, in fact, read how they are “birthed” or “birthing” onto this beautiful planet. “Delivered” is equivalent to giving away one’s birthing power, while “birthing” means to take responsibility for how our babies arrive on this sacred planet.
There are a number of aspects to Eco- and Enviro-Friendly Childbirth:

  • It is vitally important to keep the inner resources of both mother and baby intact – with Undisturbed Childbirth:
  • This approach uses very little or none of our external resources, other than oxygen and water, while it
  • Prevents the loss of those inner natural resources of the mother (hormones) and the baby (blood, oxygen, nutrients, etc) that occurs in Disturbed Medically-Managed deliveries.
    -This approach assists and provides long-term health for mother and baby (+ father), especially when preparation for childbirth begins BEFORE Conception;
  • Internal damage to the mother’s pelvic tissues is reduced when she uses conscious deep breathing and hip-
    spiralling in gravity-assisting positions during labour and birthing;
  • Damage to the baby’s brain is diminished when the above positions are used, as they assist the muscles to relax
    and the pelvis to open more efficiently – NATURE certainly knows best;
  • If each Hu-man is not assisted and supported to “keep” or hold onto the resources in the body of both mother or
    baby, how is it possible that we will be able to look after and shepherd the resources provided by our Earth Mother?
  • And if each newborn Hu-man is deprived of 20-60 percent of its own blood supply and equivalent amounts of all nutrients at the moment of its birth, including enzymes, electrolytes, antibodies, and oxygen (amongst other ‘ingredients) to feed their brains, then how is it possible to ever feel or be completely whole (as our Creator intended)?

Childbirth was never meant to be disturbed! Have you ever seen an animal deliberately birth her young in the middle of a brightly lit, noisy, exposed, insecure place, like a lounge? No, of course you haven’t! Generally, animals look for the quietest, most dimly lit, protected, and secure spot to birth their young! So, why does the ‘medicine man’ think that human babies deserve any other scenario undisturbed birth to bring their babies from the realm of spirit into physicality. In fact, human babies may need this approach even more than mammals do! This is because human babies are impacted much more significantly with the disturbance of the birth process (which actually begins BEFORE Conception)! Even though this last statement may not be entirely true, but you get what is being implied here – DO NOT DISTURB ANY mammalian birth! Our more advanced human intellectual brain makes it more difficult for women to access their primal instinctive mammalian oxytocin-driven brain than other mammals do, during the entire period of Childbirth – from Preconception to the actual Birth and Beyond – (especially with the advent of all manner of technology and microwave energy), which is necessary if our babies are to be born easily and gracefully, as God/Goddess intended!
Why do women fear childbirth?
The medicine man (and woman) does not realize that his fears are a huge part of the reason that our planet is in the dire straits it is right now. ‘He’ has disconnected and separated humans from their Source – Father God and Mother Earth – at the moment of birth, completely disrespecting the spiritual nature of the Birth Process and its simultaneous incarnation of a Soul into each Hu-man vessel or Bubble of Biology exiting its mother’s body. It is time that this sad state of affairs be rectified. It is time for women to take back their power, especially in the area of childbirth, so that each Hu-man will be able to remember that he or she is a Divine Spark of Prime Creator and therefore a steward of Mother Earth. This cannot happen when our babies are forced to be born in pain and fear, caused by the contractive fears that are projected by the medicine man and medically-trained midwives onto each woman in their care.
Birth is NOT a fear-filled process. It is a beautiful, open, joyous process that leads to gentle and graceful release of babies from the bodies of their mothers, when their mothers are supported to fully listen to their own inner urges.
Natural Sacred Childbirth is a gentle and graceful Emergence,
Not a medical emergency!
Fear can never be part of this awesome process if we want to co-create Heaven on Earth (with Heaven equating to Peace). Adrenalin (the fear hormone) and Oxytocin (the Love Hormone) cannot co-exist in the same moment, i.e., only one is secreted into the circulation of the mother at any given time, and dominates at the expense of the other (expect in the final stages of birth when Adrenalin assists the baby to be ejected from the mother’s birth canal). As previously mentioned, this means that Adrenalin will cause contractions to come to a horrible stand-still. How can we expect ourselves to love one another and our planet when we live in fear of anyone and anything?
It is very interesting that when a labouring animal in the wild is exposed to some particular danger, adrenalin will stop her labour until the danger has passed. Surely, when a woman arrives at a hospital in full strong labour and her labour stops in its tracks, she is being “told” by her body that she is in danger. Birth in a hospital is a danger to her, her baby and, in the long-term, to Mother Earth. Unfortunately, the medicine man and Big Pharma have created many ways to chemically activate the uterine action of these women, without taking the time to logically analyze just what has caused the labour stoppage. Of course, it couldn’t be their fault, because they have been far too well-educated to be the cause (snigger)! Their arrogance and actual ignorance and the refusal to believe there is another way is what will be the downfall of Humanity and Mother Earth….unless we change our minds about what we are willing to accept during the Childbirth Process!
What also needs mentioning here is: there is an approximately 5-percent of women who “will” require some form of medical assistance, not intervention, at some stage from preconception to birth, and this is for whom the medicine man is more than adequately prepared and trained. The other 95 percent are healthy low-risk women whose bodies know exactly what to do to release their babies from their bodies, without any interference or intervention what-so-ever!!! All these 95 percent of women may need is another woman who trusts and supports the process of childbirth, especially when women and their partners consciously prepare for the honour and privilege of assisting a Soul to incarnate onto Mother Earth (matter).
So, if your medical practitioner does not meet your requirements, feel free to find an authentic midwife and doula (labour companion) to support you to achieve your desired experience! Remember, it is your birth and your baby who is growing in your body and being born from it, so you have the RIGHT to have a say in how you prepare your body for conception, how your conceive your baby, how you grow your baby, how you labour and birth your baby, how you feed your baby, and how you parent your baby – all in and Sacred and Conscious Way!
Do Not take this privilege lightly!
The incarnating Soul will be eternally grateful to both parents for welcoming it in this way!
Our beautiful Planet will also be immensely grateful to the Host Hu-mans for taking Respons-ibility for the arrival of Souls who will be Supported by Parents to reach their full Purpose and Mission for this particular Lifetime, which includes assisting the Recovery and Rehabilitation of the destruction us humans have wreaked across our Home – THE ONLY ONE WE’VE GOT!

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