Energy Psychology

My personal journey involves fibromyalgia which I was diagnosed with more than 7 years ago. It took approximately 4 years to heal myself and I did so with alternative therapies.

I have been working with people of all ages (3 to 80 years) for more than 20 years using mind-body processes to let go and embrace the flow.

The mind- body techniques I teach and facilitate are beneficial for:
Guilt / Blame / Shame / Regret / Depression / Anxiety / Life Direction / Focus / Concentration / Relationship Healing / Trauma Treatments / Career Development.

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Another speciality and focus is childhood development where I teach fun exercises to improve brain power and assist students to work with their goals and dreams.

From 1996 – 2006 I ran a creative drama programme for children which was presented at The Baxter Theatre Centre, various Barnyard Theatres and schools in the Western Cape and Gauteng province of South Africa. Each course culminated in a live stage performance. It is here that my experimentation with right brain training and mind-body techniques began.

Being a qualified journalist provides me with the opportunity to share my extensive experiences in health and wellness in my writing and as an occasional expert contributor for various publications such as Natural Medicine, All4Women and Meditrader.

“Sometimes our vital information becomes scrambled when we are continuously under stress, after trauma or during times of change. What I love about Kinesiology, Energy Psychology and Bach Flower Remedies is that they all support the process of regaining balance in the physical, mental and emotional spheres. When these three areas are in harmony, then we have the fuel for self-healing and longevity”.

Helen is a Body and Mind member. Please visit her page for more information