“The Art of Determination”


The story unfolds about the young woman’s life. Her insecurities and fears are painfully palpable as she begins to open up in her diary and explains her journey navigating her inner stormy seas. Isla’s journey starts when she finally decides that she can no longer continue in her drug and alcohol induced state. She has run away for long enough. The pain of staying the same became far too painful, but she was also not certain that the beginning of this new recovering journey, facing that which she ran away from was going to be any easier. This story unfolds and becomes a beautiful dance of emotion, healing and thought. Realisations are delivered in moments with increasing clarity and she takes you on a healing journey with all the bumps and joyful emotion with her.

I initially started the book in 2017. Firstly, I wanted this book to assist other people who had similar experiences and may be in similar situations. I also wanted to use the proceeds of the book to get my mom and brother out of the abusive situation that they both were in with my Step-father.

I have always wanted to write a book. This was one of my dreams. I enjoyed writing it, as I have always had a profound captivation with books. I developed a fascination with paper marbling in the process, as these decorative pieces were used in the older books, and not one design is ever the same due to it being made by hand. During the end of 2018 and 2019 I spent time with a Copyeditor (Elna Harmse), who was absolutely amazing and assisted me with so many aspects to the book. A woman with great talent, wisdom and knowledge. I was so blessed to have her assist me with my project. My mother passed away in the beginning of 2018, and it took me some time to recover and get back on track with the project.
I was motivated to finish the book as it had become my child, a piece of me. During the massive transitions within my life experiences this book was with me and I was forming and moulding it into something.
I grew up with this story.

Isla Stone – is a Body and Mind member, visit her page for more information.



Nirvana, Our Interviewer
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