Oxygenate medium hyperbaric therapy

Joseph began his career as a lawyer when he graduated from the Universidad Catolica Boliviana in 2006. In 2007 due to family circumstances he took over the three family businesses in construction, import and export and logistics. As the managing director of these three companies he learned how to manoeuvre his way through the complicated situations of owning and managing a business. in 2019 Joseph became the Co-Founder of Elevate O2, a manufacturer of Supplemental Oxygen cans, Sherlock Homes, a property development and sales company as well as AlternaHealth, a natural health co-payment platform.
Oxygenate is a leader in the medium hyperbaric therapy industry. hyperbaric chamber is a vessel that creates an increase in atmospheric pressure (1,4 ATA) by using an air compressor wherein the occupant breathes Oxygen enriched air (90% Oxygen). This creates a physiological process known as “hyperoxia”; which is the level at which the oxygen carrying capacity within the body is optimised. In other words, it oxygenates the cells in one’s body.

Joseph Winer – is a Body and Mind member, visit his page for more information.

Nirvana, Our Interviewer