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I-nfinitePotential with Louise VN Liebenberg

Drawing heavily on her professional experiences and her own transformational process, Louise VN Liebenberg, International Bestselling Author, Life Coach, Counsellor, Rescuer-Of-Abandoned-Cats and Road-Trip-Lover shares her no-nonsense, practical approach to mindful, constructive involvement in ones own life.

If you ever felt

    • that you do not fit in,
    • or if you know deep down that you are not reaching your potential
    • or you gave up on yourself…

…know this: it can get better, this is not all there is, and all it takes is for you to take the first step and ask for help.

“She provide clients with deep understanding and insight into themselves and help to illuminate the steps and attitude changes that leads to fulfilling relationships and expressing fearless magnificence.”

Louise VN Liebenberg is a Body and Mind member, visit her page for more information.