Valia Zachariou – Radiant Hearts

Radiant Hearts Earthly Vision is to support individuals with their own shift of awareness or awakening, thereby bringing Harmony and Balance to all aspects of self, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual.

Only when all aspects of ourselves are aligned for our Greatest and Highest good can we Really Exist and Live our Divine Path by serving ourselves and others.

Change is about becoming Enlightened, in other words become lighter in all aspects of Self and transmuting our inner toxins into our medicine. (Reference Dr Wayne Dyer).

Radiant Hearts lives with a sense of joy and purpose serving Humanity through a variety of skills, I invite you to experience your endeavors for your benefit and that of others.

As we Liberate ourselves from pain, anger, fear, resentment and toxic emotions we enable others to Liberate themselves to shine and share their Light upon our Earth.

My Specialty and passion is leading individuals towards achieving their higher spiritual & personal gifts and talents. I come from a Corporate Sales,Management & Marketing background, and I have traveled extensively affording me the opportunity to interact with different cultures. I believe this is what has shaped my sensitivity to peoples needs, feelings, emotions and Self Development.

Valia Zachariou is a Body and Mind member, visit her page for more information.

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