Earthbody was created by Salome Pouroulis, spiritual scientist and holder of degrees in Geology, Archaeology and the Earth Sciences, an Honours degree in Geology and a Masters in Business Administration.

Earthbody offers you a novel way of looking at yourself in relation to the world, through personalised readings. When you’re able to see aspects of your life that you were previously unaware of, your attitude changes. As a result, when you know more, you see more.

Your options expand as does your ability to make better decisions that improve the quality of your life experiences. And therefore, personal development is enabled and supported.

Earthbody offers Location Readings
Due to accessing the Earthbody location of your personal location, Earthbody can provide information of varying topics and themes pertaining to your life. Because of this, info gleaned from these purchased readings, empowers you to use the info as self discovery, through Earth discovery.

These readings come in the form of
– “Life” Readings
– “Destiny” Readings
– “Support” Readings
– “Locational Influence” Readings
– “My Inner Hero” Readings
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Nirvana, Our Interviewer
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