by Traci French
Copy Writer & Editor Chanel Lingenfelder

Talk about being transported into earthly Nirvana! I was invited to meet up with Ingrid for an energy healing session. Besides the beautiful scenic drive to her place, I felt like I was in heaven upon arrival! Ingrid works from Infinity Wellness Centre on an active horse farm in the countryside of Summerveld. Needless to say her therapy room is tranquillity personified, but all this only compliments her, as she is the most amazing gentle soul, obviously an old soul, with a personality to match the compassion that flows from her.

Once I was comfortable Ingrid tapped into an Energy flow that emanates forth from the combination of the Mahatma Energy and Christ Consciousness. Both energies are pure unadulterated unconditional love extended from the I AM Presence of Source. Ingrid invoked these powerful Rays to infiltrate my I AM presence as she zoned in on each individual chakra to spin out negativity reversing the process with a positive flow.

She placed a crystal grid on my body to assist with the flow of energy, as she went about to explain that all information is contained within the chakric system anchored through our body into our auric field and subtle bodies which is what she taps into during the healing session.

I fell into a deep state of relaxation; and I kept sensing a flow of colour along with a tingling feeling as she moved from one chakra to the next. Once the session was over Ingrid allowed me some reconnective time as I felt quite spaced out, and admittedly I should’ve gone to bed when I left there rather than back to work!

Ingrid explained that healing first takes place at an energetic level before it’s fully evident within the physical, yet there is an immediate effect on the physical. The healing session requires one to let go of the lower physical constraints and restrictions which brings about an easier and more defined connection with our higher essence.  She also insisted that she is simply the conduit or channel that facilitates the flow of energy to bring about healing, and that without our surrender into the ‘want to be healed’ it may be challenging. Let me tell you she is one amazing incredible conduit for sure!

Some of the avenues Ingrid is very popular with is treatment of pain and irregularities, emotional recalibration including abuse for both adults and children, learning and concentration disorders for children, restoring peace in your life, recalibration of chakras, spiritual counselling, dealing with & healing of ravaging, malicious dis-eases (if in alignment with your life path and your highest good).

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