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Michelle Vooght – Spiritual healer, coach and teacher

The light and love within me is there for YOU. 
Find inner harmony, healing and allow Divine love to change your life.

Michelle Vooght is a spiritual healer, coach and teacher who has spent the last 12 years working in the spirit realm and helping clients to create abundance in all areas of their life by equipping them with the skills to create the kind of life they were predestined to live.

I believe that Unconditional Love and Abundance is inherent within all of us and that is why I chose to be a Divine Guidance Coach, teaching Spiritual Wisdom and Connection that is practical, simple and easy to understand. Join a retreat, book a reading or walk a healing journey with me and be on the receiving end of love and miracles in your own life.

Why Work with Me…

How does it feel to be free?
How does it feel to be in complete harmony with your life?
Is abundance and joy only for some?
How do we live with complete acceptance?
How do we unlock miracles in our lives?

Michelle Vooght is a Body and Mind member, visit her page for more information.