October’21 Article – Margie Jones
Red Chestnut: Aesculus carnea.  The Cutting Free Flower

From Synbiosis to Autonomy

Red Chestnut relates to the Soul’s potential for caring and having compassion for others. The main characteristic of the Red Chestnut state is a powerful energy link between two individuals. People who frequently need Red Chestnut find it very easy to tune into other people, to identify and empathise with them and imagine themselves in their shoes. Red Chestnut types are able to project their energy very strongly and from an energetic point of view, they are great transmitters.

Red Chestnut in the Negative……
Red Chestnut people in a negative behaviour pattern suffer for those they love and think the others don’t notice their anxiety or concern. However, they remain unaware that they’re projecting their own fears onto others, doing harm not only to themselves but also to those they care about.

Those in negative Red Chestnut state could also be said to have a symbiotic relationship with their loved ones similar to that of a mother and infant. The infant depends entirely on its mother for survival and the mother is emotionally attached to the child.
In reality, the negative Red Chestnut state is nothing but a connection at the wrong level. It takes place at the subjective, emotional, and anxiety-ridden personality level rather than from a Spiritual and Higher Self connection between one person and another. You unconsciously use another person onto whom you project your own fear, worries and doubts.

Red Chestnut in the Positive……..
Together with Walnut it is very useful for people whose work involves taking care of others. It helps them from becoming too involved on a personal and emotional level.
Combined with Rock Rose it will help in cases of extreme worry and concern for another person. Red Chestnut helps you to feel positive and secure, so you can relax and let go of your fear.

Red Chestnut Key Symptoms…
You experience fear or excessive concern for others, you are too emotionally concerned for others.

Behaviour in the Negative State…
1. You experience excessive concern for the safety of others – such as children or partner – with no fear for yourself.
2. You’ve been unable to “cut the cord” with someone close to you.
3. You burden others with your worry over their well-being.

Behaviour in the Positive State….
1. You always know how to balance your concern with a respect for another’s autonomy.
2. You can empathise with the sorrows of others without making them your own.
3. You’re able to radiate positive thoughts of security, well-being and courage to others in difficult times.

Empowering Statements….
1. I am myself.
2. I stay with myself.
3. I am me and you are you.



As taken from The Encyclopaedia of Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer


As taken from: The Encyclopaedia of Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer
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