Dawn Cameron is a professional chirologist who uses an academic discipline and behavioural psychology to analysis the gifts, talents and potential etched in your hands. She will decode and discuss your strengths and opportunities with your relationships, career and physical well-being.

Unlike palmistry, Chirology does not reveal futuristic prophesies, but rather as our hands and feet are our personal DNA and life blueprint, our essence is imprinted on everything we touch. Truth is the Chirology of our hands provide clear insight into our physiology and psyche.

and from then on our brain records our history on hands. Some markings remain permanent, whereas other lines continue to change with time until our departure from this world. The shape of the hand and nails also play an important part in the analysis just as our fingerprints are a unique reflection of our identity.

 It also discloses our greatest potential, all of which is done by tapping into our connection with the elements.
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